Welcome to our home on the web!  It’s SOOO cliché, we know… but what are you going to do.  It used to be that a website was how you reached a lot of people.  Today it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  We’re not interested in reaching a lot of people, in fact, we’re only interested in reaching our family and friends, who are the only people we’ll be telling about this website.

What we’ll be posting here is basically the social (face to face, imagine that) goings on of our family.  We’ll share photos of shin-digs we go to and host, and allow our family and friends to upload their own to share with our “web” of friends to enjoy right here.

We’ll also be posting some local area information, how to get here from the most common areas, to be used by our local friends to get to our house.  We’ll post information for our friends and family who may wish to visit us from afar as well, including great spots for day trips, overnight/weekend trips, and even touring Japan as a whole.

Hope you enjoy!