DAY 2 – Miyagawa Asaichi (Farmer’s Market) and Miya River 宮川と宮川朝一

Miyagawa Asaichi (Miyagawa Farmer’s Market)

Rika has visited Takayama once before with her high school trip. When she came last time, this Miyagawa Asaichi (morning farmer’s market) was a “real” farmer’s market where real farmers sell their freshly picked produce. Sadly, nowadays too many stalls are in souvenir business and trying to make money. We can’t blame them for doing it because it IS a good business. There are though, still tons of authentic farmers’ stalls as well.  Also, their price was much cheaper than one of those souvenir shops around the area. For example, a pack of local pickles was sold as 500 yen at those souvenir shops but they were sold around 200-250 yen at the farmers’ stalls.  Amelie got a little owl necklace which was super cute!  So, still definitely worth visiting.

Miya River right next to the market was super clean and many huge (and seemingly to be very expensive) Koi fish are swimming all over the river!  For a while, we stand at the bank of a river and enjoyed the sound of water and watched the birds flying by.


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