DAY 2 – Shiroyama Koen Park and Morning Stroll 城山公園、朝の散歩

Shiroyama Koen Park and Morning Stroll

The weather was overcast but because of that it had a moderate temperature. We thought it was much better than being in more heat and worrying about getting a heat stroke all day.

The entrance of Shiroyama Koen was literally located 10 steps away from our ryokan. We took a path that leads to Takayama Castle ruins.  The mountain area was not like you expect for normal parks we know of in Japan, it was very raw, abandoned and not being taken care of, in both good way and bad way. We didn’t really expect “a real hike” so we weren’t wearing proper shoes. Doh!  We can’t imagine how beautiful it would be in fall season when the entire mountain is covered in fall colors. No wonder, ryokan people call the summer as a off season in Takayama but I didn’t complaint since we got a special deal because of off season.


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