DAY 2 – Hida-No-Sato 飛騨の里


We took a taxi to this place from Takayama station. The fare was less than 900 yen (about 5-7 minutes ride). As soon as we get in, “a photo guy” greeted us and asked if we want him to take a nice photo with Hida-No-Sato sign. Since he offered to take a photo of us with our camera first, we let him. Then he took a couple of shots with his camera and photo came out like within 30 seconds. We weren’t going to buy it until we see its quality. As you can see, we ended up purchasing it!  Ha. It was soon after Tanabata festival so the place still had some decorations left. This is a museum that you could see real old, preserved farmers houses and private houses from hundreds years ago in a village format. There are rice fields, temples, meeting house and so on. We looked around about 1~2 hours there. Then went back to Takayama station with a city bus around noon.


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