DAY 2 – Jinya 陣屋


After lunch Amelie had to “retire” and rest at our ryokan.  She said she hasn’t been sleeping well since we left home.  We’d miss her but Shawn and Rika continued their adventure.  Jinya is also located 5 minutes walk from our ryokan. We can see Jinya from our ryokan room windows! Jinya was the local government office from Edo period.  We were imagining that it could have been an elite status to work as government officials back then.  This place had a huge kitchen to feed all officials, their families and their own maids. While husbands were “working” and taking a little nap in a break/nap room in between torturing sessions for criminals and writing official documents, their kids and wives hang out in the other rooms performing tea ceremonies. 


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