DAY 2 – On The Way and Mechanical Doll Museum 飛騨高山獅子会館からくりミュージアム

On The Way and Mechanical Doll Museum

During the annual Takayama festival, these mechanical dolls called “karakuri ningyo” are placed in many portable shrines as a main attraction. There is a museum dedicated to these mechanical dolls in Takayama called Karakuri Museum.  Since it was a 15 minute walk from where we were, we enjoyed the scenery on the way with beer cans in our hands. Maybe because it was off-season, and close to their closing time, there was NO OTHER VISITORS.  It was literally just 2 of us in the museum.  There was this one lady who has performed the mechanical doll show on the stage for just two of us. We must say, we felt pretty special.  We have to give a credit to this lady who did the entire show in English (although it was very hard to understand). 


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