DAY 2 – Relaxation Orihime Experience リラクゼーション”織姫”体験

Relaxation Orihime Experience

There was one big problem at this ryokan. This awesome feature called Orihime (kind of like its own spa inside ryokan) on the top floor was women only feature. No men allowed. Shawn felt a little left out when Amelie and Rika were pretty excited to use that facility. So, we ordered the massage practitioner for Shawn. The lady came to the room and give him a massage for 40 minutes for 4400 yen. Note: Shawn thought it would have been better if the practitioner was a male to get a full relaxation effect. In a meantime, Orihime was blocked only for us almost the entire 90 minutes (with the secret codes you get from the front desk, and numbers position on the keypad randomly changes every time you open the pad). Pretty darn secure. Other two ladies were there for the first 20 minutes or so but they quietly left.  There were 2 different kinds of hot springs tubs outside on the rooftop. One to lay down in the water so that you can see the stars in the sky when it’s clear (although it was raining hard in our case, they had a awning opened above the tub so that we didn’t get rain.) The other one was a herb bath. Inside, there were shower rooms, vanity room, massage chairs, drink fountain, planetarium room to relax and therapeutic aroma steamer was on.  By the way, the massage chairs they had in there, was something else. It massages the entire body including your arms, hands, and legs all at once. Rika had to do two sets of 20 minutes session. It was so quiet and peaceful.  If we had this room in our house, we would never leave the room… OMG, ladies, if you go to Takayama, you must stay at this ryokan only to experience this spa! It’ll be worth it.


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