DAY 3 – Lunch, Back in Takayama 高山でランチ、飛騨牛ハンバーガー

Lunch, Back in Takayama

Since we had enough of Gasshozukuri houses and beautiful scenic places, and we could not fulfill our cravings for burgers on the first day, we were on a mission to find the restaurant to serve Hida Beef burgers for the very last meal we have in Takayama. Our bus will leave around 4 pm so we had plenty time to relax. So, there, we had this 2200 yen burger plate (restaruant Le Midi) for a lunch. This only happens during travels. There is no way for me to literally swallow 2200 yen burgers on normal days. The question is, was it worth 2200 yen? No, it was good but not THAT good.  Maybe 1500 yen is the most I would pay for these!  

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